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Remember ALAMO! But not *THE* Alamo!

President Donald Trump is planning a trip to Alamo, Texas on Tuesday to highlight his administration's work on the border wall.
Get used to looking at those bars, President T!

PATRIOTS, there are two things you need to remember. Number one, Donald Trump is not responsible for inciting that PATRIOTIC terrorist attack on the Capitol Building that he totally supports; he had nothing to do with it! Because his pre-coup attempt speech was “totally appropriate” (his unhinged words, not mine)! Number two, TRUMP wants his supporters to FIGHT TO THE DEATH to defend his fact-free claim that he won the 2020 presidential election! Got that? He’s not responsible for the fight! But he IS going to fight like hell! No contradiction here, PATRIOTS!

That’s why Donald Trump is headed to Alamo, Texas, today! Because we’re making our last stand! Our last, bloody, defiant, fight-to-the-death stand that has nothing to do with fighting, or death, which the president doesn’t support, but it would be totally cool for him to support it, if he did, according to him!

The president’s niece, Mary Trump, knows. She says the president is going to Alamo, Texas because he “undoubtedly” wants to invoke the violent symbolism behind the historic battle of the Alamo, where almost everyone died. And LOVING PRESIDENT T wants the same for all PATRIOTS and their families!

His heart is in the RIGHT place! Unfortunately, his location is about 225 miles off. Because THE ALAMO, the site of the famous battle Trump is apparently trying to invoke, is in San Antonio. And Alamo, Texas, where the president is headed, is not. But, knowing Trump, it’s possible he meant for his visit to take place at an Alamo Rent-a-car, in part of some kind of synergistic branding attempt, like his fraud press conference at the Four Seasons Total Landscaping.

But, if there’s one POSITIVE to come from the president’s HACKNEYED attempt to equate himself with those who died fighting at the Alamo, it’s that he has stoked the potential for more bloodshed! The president’s trip to Alamo “has Texas on edge and tensions a[re] ‘running dangerously high,’ according to Hidalgo County Judge Richard Cortez,” the Houston Chronicle reports.

Sometimes, though, you need a little light threatening to EXPERIENCE MAXIMUM FREEDOM. Republican Representative and HITLER ENTHUSIAST, Madison Cawthorn knows. Sure, Cawthorn called the terror attack on the Capitol by Trump supporters “sickening,” but that was AFTER the attack. Before the attack, he was on stage at the “Save America” rally helping incite Trump supporters’ attempt to execute the Vice President and Speaker of the House. And, we learned today that Cawthorn encouraged Trump supporters who didn’t want to accept the MATH of the election results to call and “lightly threaten” their Congressmen, and to tell them that they are “coming after them.” If that’s not AMERICAN VALUES, then I don’t want to be an American anymore! I want to be like Madison Cawthorn and IDOLIZE A REAL PATRIOT, LIKE HITLER!

And before all the HATEFUL LEFTISTS get their panties in a bunch over Cawthorn’s words, which were met with raucous applause by the Trump supporters, I’d like to just point out there is ABSOLUTELY NO CONNECTION between Cawthorn’s encouragement of violent threats and the actions of Trump supporters who DID EXACTLY THAT!

Uh-oh, I’m starting to get dizzy from the smell of my own bullshit. Better get my head back in the game!


That’s better.

Okay, ready to get back to terrorizing America because I jUsT lOvE tHiS cOuNtRy So GoDdAmN mUcH!

ThEy’Re TrYiN’ tO rUiN mY lIfE bY cAlLiNg Me A tErRoRiSt!

And you know it was PATRIOTIC because there was a guy who looked like Chuck Norris at the “Murder the Vice President and House Speaker Rally” in Washington, too, even though it wasn’t really him.

In the end, a representative for Norris confirmed the man was not Chuck Norris, it was just a “look alike.” But rest assured, Chuck Norris still loves TRUMP! Well, you know what they say, “Chuck Norris doesn’t read books. He stares them down until he gets the information he wants. . . except that books don’t really work that way, so it turns out Chuck Norris is a fucking idiot.”

Yes, it was a coup.

And they’re going to try it again.

“They were talking about 4,000 armed ‘patriots’ to surround the Capitol and prevent any Democrat from going in,” [Rep. Connor] Lamb [D-Pa] said. “They have published rules of engagement, meaning when you shoot and when you don’t. So this is an organized group that has a plan. They are committed to doing what they’re doing because I think in their minds, you know, they are patriots and they’re talking about 1776 and so this is now a contest of wills.”

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I have rights! I’m not a black person or a leftist!

PATRIOTS, the leftists are PERVERTING our most racist LAW, the No-Fly List, in order to punish anti-American TRUMP PATRIOTS for their insurrection! tHeY’rE nO-fLy LiStInG wHiTe PeOpLe! JuSt BeCaUsE tHeY’rE tErRoRiStS! All across OUR great country, good, Jesus loving American insurrectionists who stormed the capitol seeking to murder the Vice President and Speaker of the House and prevent a peaceful transition of power are now being treated VERY UNFAIRLY by POLICE! They’re being removed from flights just because they engaged in terrorism against their country!



These are just some of the words I’ve thrown around in order to make the removal of suspected terrorists from airplanes seem much more serious than it ever was when it only happened to Muslims for the past 20 years. THIS CANNOT STAND, PATRIOTS! Everybody knows the No Fly List was never intended to be used against WHITE, AMERICAN terrorists! It was only for MUSLIMS! It’s right there in the constitution. LOOK IT UP! (Don’t look it up, though, because I’m not 100% sure it’s in there.)

Just because these people demonstrated a willingness to commit a violent attack that could have potentially destabilized the U.S. Government, all of a sudden, the RADICAL LEFT is treating them like terrorists! Really? Here’s a 100% true American fact, patriots! TRUMPERS love Jesus! When we violently attacked the U.S. Senate, House and Vice President seeking to kill non-Trump supporters, we screamed that we were doing it, “in the name of JESUS!” It’s true. Watch the video PROOF! And no one has ever used an airplane to commit an attack against the United States in the NAME OF GOD! Ever! I can’t think of any! Allah, maybe. Allah, sure. NEVER GOD, though!


Boston Globe editor blasted on social media for comparing Trump supporters  to ISIS terrorists

PATRIOTS, they are taking away our CONSTITUTIONAL right to fly on airplanes just because we engaged in sedition and terrorism and many of us are wanted by the FBI! Imagine if the founders couldn’t FLY! Where would our country be today if the Union Army didn’t have airplanes during the Civil War? We’d all be speaking SOUTHERN right now and saluting the confederate flag!

Capitol riot: Five startling images from the siege - BBC News

SICK! Anyway, while the LIBERALS are getting great joy out of seeing our INSURRECTIONIST BROTHERS AND SISTERS arrested, I’m bringing you these videos for a different reason: so that all PATRIOTS can see that ILLEGAL BEHAVIOR by white people isn’t allowed in AMERICA anymore. I DON’T EVEN RECOGNIZE MY COUNTRY ANYMORE!


THIS IS WHAT THEY DO TO PATRIOTS, NOW, just because we all tried to overthrow the government. In the words of this PATRIOT, they’re treating us like “a f***ing black person.”

Anyway, ENJOY these videos of TRUMP’S TERRORISTS being arrested. I mean, no, don’t enjoy! Watch in FEAR! PATRIOTS, this could be you the next time you try to violently overthrow the government and kill the Speaker of the House and the Vice President. CHILLING!

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TRUMP To Boycott Biden Inauguration, Carry On Fake Presidency From GOLF Course (Or Possibly Jail)

Joe Biden certified by Congress as next United States president after  deadly riot in Capitol - ABC News
“So long, TRUMP. We won’t miss you!”

PATRIOTIC authoritarian strongman DONALD TRUMP announced he is leveling his harshest PUNISHMENT yet on the FRAUDULENTLY REAL Biden presidency. Fresh off a ban from Twitter for inciting violence that killed five Americans at the Capitol building, TRUMP announced in a tweet that he “will not be going” to Biden’s inauguration on January 20th. This makes him the first president to boycott his successor’s inauguration since GREAT AMERICAN PRESIDENT Andrew Johnson in 1869. Like TRUMP, Andrew Johnson didn’t attend the inauguration of his successor, Ulysses S. Grant, because his successor was an enemy of the Confederacy, and Johnson was sympathetic to Confederate traitors.

Some LEFTIST HACKS, like Trump’s former press secretary, immediately rushed to reporting the facts and called TRUMP a “sore loser,” but PATRIOTS, I HEREBY DECLARE Trump is not a SORE LOSER! TRUMP has never lost and can never lose. He is a SORE WINNER! THE WINNER OF LOSING THE ELECTION!

AND that’s not where the winning stopped with this PATRIOTIC, AMERICAN decision to boycott the peaceful, lawful transfer of power following his un-DEMOCRATIC coup attempt! Trump’s also putting himself in FIRST PLACE for the most TREASONOUS POST-PRESIDENCY, as his supporters on the AMERICAN RADICALIZATION platform, PARLER, are aiming to plan another violent attack on Washington to coincide with Biden’s Inauguration Day–this time with their “weapons.” WHAT AMERICAN PATRIOT WOULDN’T SUPPORT THAT?


Despite the President’s totally-sane attempt to destroy the country on his way out of office, TRAITOROUS RATS who fecklessly served his undemocratic whims for the last four years are resigning from the DERAILED TRUMP TRAIN of an administration faster than rats fleeing a sinking ship. Education Secretary Betsy DeVos Transportation Secretary Elaine Chao joined a cadre of other national security and communications officials in quitting following Trump’s assault on Congress. This move, of course, matters not to Trump, since his administration had no policy accomplishments or objectives in any relevant cabinet areas, but, PATRIOTS, now there is real fear that the TRUMP White House may be about to lose a REALLY KEY figure as a result of the President’s Patriotic Terrorist Attack. Former reality TV star Hope Hicks is reportedly considering quitting!

PATRIOTS, we must not let the RATS clear the stain of TRUMP from their resumes! They must be forever tied to the GREATEST ANTI-AMERICAN PRESIDENT GOD EVER CREATED!

Speaking of greatness, I’d like to be the first REPUBLICAN PATRIOT to propose an AGENDA for Donald TRUMP’S second agenda, since he won the IMAGINARY ELECTION that we’ve all been pretending was real for the last two months. Since the President never had any actual policy goals or ideologies other than harming the American people, I suggest Donald Trump just keeps pretending to be an American President–the same way he has for the last four years–and we can just make this his new Oval Office…

Weird Trump Golf Picture Gets The Ultimate Photoshop Treatment | HuffPost

Or maybe this?

I Publius: Trump is not above the law - The Berkshire Edge

I’ve already found a whole Cabinet of PATRIOTS who can reside in the new Oval Office and keep working hard against the American people, AKA LEFTISTS, with THE GREAT, TWO-TERM PRESIDENT TRUMP.

Like this idiot Capitol attacker, Richard Barnett, who gave his full name and age to the New York Times and posed for a picture during his criminal act…

Arkansas man admits to storming Capitol, sitting at Pelosi's desk |  thv11.com

Or this idiot woman, Jenny Cudd, of Midland, Texas, who recorded her confession to vandalizing House Speaker Nancy Pelosi’s office and proudly declared that she would do it again… ON VIDEO!!!

In fact, maybe we can just identify the thousands of REAL PATRIOTS who launched this TERRORIST ATTACK on the U.S. Capitol with the expressed goal of overthrowing the Democratically-elected government, and maybe we can all put them in the President’s new and improved “Oval Office” so that they can all work together to DELUSIONALLY “MAGA” from their comfortable, new home offices in prison! THEY DESERVE THAT REWARD for their hard work on behalf of PRESIDENT TRUMP!

Rioters clashed with the police on Wednesday.

Look at all those potential Cabinet members, many of whom incriminated themselves on their own social media accounts!

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Every Bad Thing WE Do Is ANTIFA’S FAULT!

Trump-Supporting Rioter Pictured Carrying Confederate Flag Inside U.S.  Capitol
Pictured: ANTIFA carrying the Confederate flag to the US Capitol to FRAME Trump’s loving supporters as violent lunatics.

PATRIOTS, I’ve spent the last 24 hours making piss-poor excuses for our PATRIOTIC assault on our nation’s capitol and defending our right to PROUDLY COMMIT SEDITION, but the time has come to STOP PULLING OUR PUNCHES and speak the truth. No, not the FACTUAL TRUTH promoted by the liberal conspiracy known as “reality.” I’m talking about REAL, GUT-LEVEL TRUTH. The truth that just came to LIGHT! The FAKE TRUTH! The truth that the thousands of anti-America terrorists who assaulted the U.S. Capitol building demanding that Trump be installed as dictator of THESE FREE UNITED STATES were actually COVERT OPERATIVES of the IMAGINARY LEFTIST ORGANIZATION KNOWN AS ANTIFA!

Republican PRO-AMERICA TERRORIST MATT GAETZ got it right when he returned to the House of Representatives last night after being forced into hiding for five hours by these TRUMP-FLAG-WAVING LEFTISTS whose sedition killed four Americans in their VIOLENT COUP ATTEMPT.


“The Washington Times has just reported some pretty compelling evidence from a facial recognition company showing that some of the people who breached the capitol today were not Trump supporters. They were masquerading as Trump supporters and, in fact, were members of the violent terrorist group ANTIFA.”


ANTIFA! The sane, rational, fact-loving supporters of Donald Trump would never engage in the terrorist acts we saw on Capitol Hill! Trump supporters are always calm and respectful! Evidence shows THAT THIS WAS ANTIFA!

PATRIOTS, this PRO-DEMOCRACY CONSPIRACY against Trump is SO BIG that the company that allegedly produced the only evidence for it maintains that the entire conspiracy theory is “outright false.” The facial recognition company that Matt Gaetz and The Washington Times reported on never even made any such claims! They say the claims are “outright false, misleading, and defamatory.” My head hurts!

So, PATRIOTS, there are only two options. Option #1: Matt Gaetz and The Washington Times are KNOWING LIARS who seek the collapse of the U.S. Government so that their FASCIST PRINCE Donald Trump can seize control of the country by force. Or, Option #2: Despite there being no evidence it was ANTIFA, it really was ANTIFA who stormed the U.S. Capitol RIGHT AFTER Donald Trump ordered and incited his own supporters to storm the capitol.



Contrasts in U.S. Capitol, BLM Protests Seen in Widespread Reaction
Un-American.' 'Treasonous.': North Texas leaders decry mob breach at U.S.  Capitol
US Capitol: Police clearing pro-Trump mob from building after rioters  stormed halls of Congress - CNNPolitics

White people. Trump flags. No black people in sight. Viking hats. Neck beards. Trump hats. Cops taking selfies with the rioters. No masks. Confederate flags.


SHUT UP FAKE YORK TIMES! We don’t need your liberally biased reality! It was ANTIFA and you know it! You SHUT UP RIGHT NOW, LEFTIST SCUM! If you don’t shut up, we’ll storm the Capitol and BURN! THIS! WHOLE! MUTHER! FUCKING! COUNTRY! TO! THE! GROUND!




Whew. Sorry. ANTIFA just took over my fingers for a second and tried to frame me as a violent lunatic. Gotta tighten up that tin-foil hat.

Patriots, Trump support is about love. Love and peace. ANTIFA is about destroying democracy, by violent, extra-judicial actions (like counting legally cast, Dim-o-cratic votes).

ANTIFA is trying so hard to make Trump supporters look bad that its members also dressed up as Nazis to try to sully the good name of the destructive, pro-Trump riot. Fake ANTIFA Proud Boys wore slogans endorsing the extermination of Jewish people, something Trump supporters would clearly never endorse. Right?

Don’t say Charlottesville! ANTIFA would say Charlottesville right now!

The LEFT wants you to believe that ALL TRUMP supporters are anti-American lunatics who are lost in their own mindless support of a dictator and who seek to overthrow Democracy because they didn’t get what they wanted on Election Day. RESIST IT, PATRIOTS!

WE, PATRIOTS, ARE NOT WHO WE APPEAR TO BE! We love this country above all else! We love freedom and democracy! We seek the truth! We have compassion! We value Christian values!

Don’t let VIDEO EVIDENCE convince you that the TRUMP MOVEMENT is a DERANGED, ANTI-AMERICAN COUP against everything our country represents! THE VIDEO IS ANTIFA! Don’t let violent terrorists dressed as TRUMP supporters convince you that TRUMP support now means supporting violent terrorism! The terrorists are ANTIFA. ANTIFA NEWS! ANTIFA NEWS! Don’t let the resignation of top officials in the Trump government in protest of the president’s support for this coup convince you that the people who know Trump best know he is an insane man who doesn’t love this country. Those officials are ANTIFA! Don’t let the president’s own words saying he “loves” the terrorists who assaulted the peaceful transition of power in the U.S. convince you that the president “loves” terrorists! His words are ANTIFA!

REMEMBER, PATRIOTS, we can do whatever we want, and there will NEVER BE CONSEQUENCE. We can, and should, as TRAITOROUS SCUM Mitt Romney so eloquently put it last night, “weigh our own political fortunes more heavily than we weigh the strength of our republic.”

No matter how badly we behave, no matter how much violence, and death and destruction our tribe of TRUMP-SUPPORTING freedom haters inflicts, we must always remember, “We have met the enemy, AND THE ENEMY IS ANTIFA!!!!!!” The enemy is not us!

ANTI-DEMOCRACY PATRIOT TUCKER CARLSON of Fox News summed the day up in the wake of the death and destruction that the president he and all America-loving Republicans still support, when he told TRUMP supporters the REAL truth.

“If you don’t bother to pause and learn a single thing from it, from your citizens storming your Capitol Building, then you’re a fool. You lack wisdom and you lack self-awareness. You have no place running a country. We got to this sad chaotic day for a reason. It is not your fault. It is their fault.”


We are not missing the point! ANTIFA is missing the point!

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