Watch: Trump dances to 'YMCA' at his campaign rallies
You can’t always get what you want. But if you try sometimes, you might find you get impeached.

PATRIOTS, I won’t sugar coat it for us TRUMP supporters. We’re WINNING BIGLY at every turn. Things are going great! But, I’ll be honest. Things could be going better. It’s hard to keep dancing to the “YMCA” and “Macho, Macho Man” when OUR GREAT PRESIDENT’S APPROVAL RATING has tumbled to its lowest number ever, a STILL HUGE 29%.

Yes, 29% of Americans now approve of Donald Trump’s performance as president, and while that’s not as high as US PATRIOTS KNOW HE DESERVES for all of his HEROIC, HIGH TREASON, and, to be honest, it’s the lowest number he’s ever had, and, to be brutally honest, it’s the final poll of his presidency from Pew Research, so he’s going to finish in LAST PLACE of ALL TIME, we can be proud that there are still people out there who love TRUMP more than they love their country, The United Something Of Whatever!

Think of all we’ve accomplished. We’ve killed almost 400,000 Americans, we’ve imprisoned babies–babies! We’ve siphoned more money from taxpayers into the president’s pockets than ever thought possible, we’ve been impeached twice, we’ve incited national chaos, we’ve told more lies than any president in history and virtually lobotomized a good chunk of the American public, we’ve all but ended White House press briefings, we’ve been banned from social media, we’ve run up the national debt higher than Obama, we’ve destroyed most of America’s alliances, we’ve undermined an election, and, oh yeah, we tried to violently occupy the U.S. Capitol Building and murder the Vice President and Speaker of the House!

That’s one hell of a resume!

But still, people don’t get it! Still they remain brainwashed by the propaganda they consume! Still, they HATE our great American president. They refuse to see the merits in their political opponents and instead choose the mindless path of labeling anyone opposed to their dear leaders as “enemies of the people” and “traitors,” labels that make it all too easy to condone violent attacks against them without considering those attacks’ consequences for our long-term stability and peace!

Are we still talking about LEFTISTS?

U.S. lawmakers say police downplayed threat of violence before Capitol siege  | The Japan Times

Yes! Of course! It is the LEFT who opposes Democracy. It is the left who riots violently when they don’t get what they want! And it is the RIGHT who. . . is RIGHT!

We put our faith in a higher power than “science” or “fact.” We put our faith in our Savior: TRUMP!

Thank TRUMP, patriots, that there are still 29% of Americans who stand with Him, and storm violently upon our Democracy in His name. Twenty-nine percent of Americans still love TRUMP more than they love the Communist HELL-SCAPE called AMERICA, which has been run for the last four years by someone I’m too cognitively dissonant to remember right now. What was I talking about?

Oh, right. TRUMP, TRUMP, TRUMP! Twenty-nine percent, baby! These last four years went great! Let’s burn it all down aga–, I mean, let’s do it again in 2024! Don’t let the door hit you on the way out! BE BEST!

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