I have rights! I’m not a black person or a leftist!

PATRIOTS, the leftists are PERVERTING our most racist LAW, the No-Fly List, in order to punish anti-American TRUMP PATRIOTS for their insurrection! tHeY’rE nO-fLy LiStInG wHiTe PeOpLe! JuSt BeCaUsE tHeY’rE tErRoRiStS! All across OUR great country, good, Jesus loving American insurrectionists who stormed the capitol seeking to murder the Vice President and Speaker of the House and prevent a peaceful transition of power are now being treated VERY UNFAIRLY by POLICE! They’re being removed from flights just because they engaged in terrorism against their country!



These are just some of the words I’ve thrown around in order to make the removal of suspected terrorists from airplanes seem much more serious than it ever was when it only happened to Muslims for the past 20 years. THIS CANNOT STAND, PATRIOTS! Everybody knows the No Fly List was never intended to be used against WHITE, AMERICAN terrorists! It was only for MUSLIMS! It’s right there in the constitution. LOOK IT UP! (Don’t look it up, though, because I’m not 100% sure it’s in there.)

Just because these people demonstrated a willingness to commit a violent attack that could have potentially destabilized the U.S. Government, all of a sudden, the RADICAL LEFT is treating them like terrorists! Really? Here’s a 100% true American fact, patriots! TRUMPERS love Jesus! When we violently attacked the U.S. Senate, House and Vice President seeking to kill non-Trump supporters, we screamed that we were doing it, “in the name of JESUS!” It’s true. Watch the video PROOF! And no one has ever used an airplane to commit an attack against the United States in the NAME OF GOD! Ever! I can’t think of any! Allah, maybe. Allah, sure. NEVER GOD, though!


Boston Globe editor blasted on social media for comparing Trump supporters  to ISIS terrorists

PATRIOTS, they are taking away our CONSTITUTIONAL right to fly on airplanes just because we engaged in sedition and terrorism and many of us are wanted by the FBI! Imagine if the founders couldn’t FLY! Where would our country be today if the Union Army didn’t have airplanes during the Civil War? We’d all be speaking SOUTHERN right now and saluting the confederate flag!

Capitol riot: Five startling images from the siege - BBC News

SICK! Anyway, while the LIBERALS are getting great joy out of seeing our INSURRECTIONIST BROTHERS AND SISTERS arrested, I’m bringing you these videos for a different reason: so that all PATRIOTS can see that ILLEGAL BEHAVIOR by white people isn’t allowed in AMERICA anymore. I DON’T EVEN RECOGNIZE MY COUNTRY ANYMORE!


THIS IS WHAT THEY DO TO PATRIOTS, NOW, just because we all tried to overthrow the government. In the words of this PATRIOT, they’re treating us like “a f***ing black person.”

Anyway, ENJOY these videos of TRUMP’S TERRORISTS being arrested. I mean, no, don’t enjoy! Watch in FEAR! PATRIOTS, this could be you the next time you try to violently overthrow the government and kill the Speaker of the House and the Vice President. CHILLING!

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