TRUMP To Boycott Biden Inauguration, Carry On Fake Presidency From GOLF Course (Or Possibly Jail)

Joe Biden certified by Congress as next United States president after  deadly riot in Capitol - ABC News
“So long, TRUMP. We won’t miss you!”

PATRIOTIC authoritarian strongman DONALD TRUMP announced he is leveling his harshest PUNISHMENT yet on the FRAUDULENTLY REAL Biden presidency. Fresh off a ban from Twitter for inciting violence that killed five Americans at the Capitol building, TRUMP announced in a tweet that he “will not be going” to Biden’s inauguration on January 20th. This makes him the first president to boycott his successor’s inauguration since GREAT AMERICAN PRESIDENT Andrew Johnson in 1869. Like TRUMP, Andrew Johnson didn’t attend the inauguration of his successor, Ulysses S. Grant, because his successor was an enemy of the Confederacy, and Johnson was sympathetic to Confederate traitors.

Some LEFTIST HACKS, like Trump’s former press secretary, immediately rushed to reporting the facts and called TRUMP a “sore loser,” but PATRIOTS, I HEREBY DECLARE Trump is not a SORE LOSER! TRUMP has never lost and can never lose. He is a SORE WINNER! THE WINNER OF LOSING THE ELECTION!

AND that’s not where the winning stopped with this PATRIOTIC, AMERICAN decision to boycott the peaceful, lawful transfer of power following his un-DEMOCRATIC coup attempt! Trump’s also putting himself in FIRST PLACE for the most TREASONOUS POST-PRESIDENCY, as his supporters on the AMERICAN RADICALIZATION platform, PARLER, are aiming to plan another violent attack on Washington to coincide with Biden’s Inauguration Day–this time with their “weapons.” WHAT AMERICAN PATRIOT WOULDN’T SUPPORT THAT?


Despite the President’s totally-sane attempt to destroy the country on his way out of office, TRAITOROUS RATS who fecklessly served his undemocratic whims for the last four years are resigning from the DERAILED TRUMP TRAIN of an administration faster than rats fleeing a sinking ship. Education Secretary Betsy DeVos Transportation Secretary Elaine Chao joined a cadre of other national security and communications officials in quitting following Trump’s assault on Congress. This move, of course, matters not to Trump, since his administration had no policy accomplishments or objectives in any relevant cabinet areas, but, PATRIOTS, now there is real fear that the TRUMP White House may be about to lose a REALLY KEY figure as a result of the President’s Patriotic Terrorist Attack. Former reality TV star Hope Hicks is reportedly considering quitting!

PATRIOTS, we must not let the RATS clear the stain of TRUMP from their resumes! They must be forever tied to the GREATEST ANTI-AMERICAN PRESIDENT GOD EVER CREATED!

Speaking of greatness, I’d like to be the first REPUBLICAN PATRIOT to propose an AGENDA for Donald TRUMP’S second agenda, since he won the IMAGINARY ELECTION that we’ve all been pretending was real for the last two months. Since the President never had any actual policy goals or ideologies other than harming the American people, I suggest Donald Trump just keeps pretending to be an American President–the same way he has for the last four years–and we can just make this his new Oval Office…

Weird Trump Golf Picture Gets The Ultimate Photoshop Treatment | HuffPost

Or maybe this?

I Publius: Trump is not above the law - The Berkshire Edge

I’ve already found a whole Cabinet of PATRIOTS who can reside in the new Oval Office and keep working hard against the American people, AKA LEFTISTS, with THE GREAT, TWO-TERM PRESIDENT TRUMP.

Like this idiot Capitol attacker, Richard Barnett, who gave his full name and age to the New York Times and posed for a picture during his criminal act…

Arkansas man admits to storming Capitol, sitting at Pelosi's desk |

Or this idiot woman, Jenny Cudd, of Midland, Texas, who recorded her confession to vandalizing House Speaker Nancy Pelosi’s office and proudly declared that she would do it again… ON VIDEO!!!

In fact, maybe we can just identify the thousands of REAL PATRIOTS who launched this TERRORIST ATTACK on the U.S. Capitol with the expressed goal of overthrowing the Democratically-elected government, and maybe we can all put them in the President’s new and improved “Oval Office” so that they can all work together to DELUSIONALLY “MAGA” from their comfortable, new home offices in prison! THEY DESERVE THAT REWARD for their hard work on behalf of PRESIDENT TRUMP!

Rioters clashed with the police on Wednesday.

Look at all those potential Cabinet members, many of whom incriminated themselves on their own social media accounts!

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