Trump’s Alternative Fact Corrected by LEFIST, SCUM, ENEMY OF THE PEOPLE, TERRORIST MEDIA

Donald Trump and his fans don't spew racism and hatred in our name | Linda  Sarsour and Megan Carpentier | Opinion | The Guardian
“It’s not a lie if you believe it.” – George Costanza

Patriots, nobody likes a know-it-all. President Trump knows this. That’s why he’s never let FACTS stand in the way of the TRUTH, least of all when it comes to the FAKE, FRAUDULENT PRESIDENTIAL ELECTION STEAL that the DIM-O-CRATS in Republican-controlled state legislatures across America say was “legitimate” just because there was not even the slightest shred of evidence that it was fraudulent.

Today, WORLD CHAMPION OF LYING Donald J(ust burn it all down if I can’t be king) Trump ABSOLUTELY INCINERATED the LIBS with a FACT-F***ING TWEET-MISSILE claiming that “No candidate has ever won both Florida and Ohio and lost,” adding, “I won them both, by a lot!”

And the COMMUNIST ANTIFA who proclaim to know the “FACTS” got TRIGGERED, just because Trump’s FACT was 100% ALTERNATIVE.

BenShapiro – Noah's Takes
“Help me! I’m triggered!” – Libs

The LEFTIST SCUM that wants to STEAL VICTORY from Donald Trump’s FRAUDULENT CLAIMS pointed out that Richard Nixon actually won Florida and Ohio in 1960, while losing that presidential election to John F(***ing lib) Kennedy.

But PATRIOTS, here’s what the LEFTIST TERRORISTS in the FAKE NEWS don’t understand about the truth: A Republican lie beats a Dem-o-rat truth any day of the week. Truth is TRUMP! TRUMP! TRUMP, baby! That’s why a 1 out of 50 record in totally frivolous lawsuits to overthrow the election isn’t stopping STRONGMAN PRESIDENT T. from FIGHTING FOR YOU (if by “you,” you mean “ending Democracy in America).

That’s why Donny Douche now says he will intervene in a case brought by Texas’s possibly-criminal Attorney General Ken Paxton against a group of other states that STATES’ RIGHTS CHAMPION TEXAS thinks didn’t vote Republican enough to be counted as AMERICANS.

Trump tweeted, “We will be INTERVENING in the Texas (plus many other states) case. This is the big one. Our Country needs a victory!”

And you know the old saying. “Fifty-first time’s the charm.”

And just because it’s been a day since Donald Trump’s AMERICAN COUP last lost at the Supreme Court, that’s not stopping him from trying to overthrow the U.S. Government again. In fact, THE RULES OF TRUMP are clear on this matter. If TRUMP wins, TRUMP GETS CREDIT. If TRUMP loses, you get the BLAME. That’s why, one day after the Trump-backed lawsuit attempting to end democracy in Pennsylvania was thrown out by the Supreme Court, the president reminded everyone that even thought he’s been calling for “heroes” to step up and help him steal the election and constantly trying to bully Republican leaders into helping him overthrow the government, THAT LOSS HAD NOTHING TO DO WITH TRUMP. Because they lost.

But Texas, on the other hand, is TRUMP’S CASE. That’s the BIG ONE, “the case that everyone has been waiting for” …

…until we lose that one. Then, that will be someone else’s fault. DUH, YOU STUPID, LEFTIST, ANTIFA, FACT-HUGGING SCUM! I guess you don’t understand that there’s no “I” in Trump loss, but there sure as hell is an “I” in “Trump wIn.” That’s why Donald Trump loves people like the Republican Secretary of State and Governor on Georgia, until he loses the Presidential election in Georgia and they refuse to help him overthrow the will of the American people, in which case, it’s “What’s wrong with this guy?”, “What’s he hiding?,” and he’s “hapless.” The same goes for the LOSER that Donald Trump put in charge of maintaining election security, who said there was no election fraud just because there was no election fraud, and so Trump’s Team said he had to be “shot.”

There’s only two options, LIBS (and Republicans who believe in FACTS not TRUTH). Either TRUMP WON, or YOU LOST. And really, in either case, YOU LOSE.

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