WATCH: Patriotic REMIX of Trump’s Petulant, 46 Minute Lie-Stravaganza Against BIASED American Electorate

“As you can see from this chart, I’m very clearly lying.”

Most politicians who lose an election choose to go out gracefully with dignity. LIKE LOSERS AND SUCKERS. Patriots, Donald Trump ISN’T GOING OUT with any dignity. HELL NO! You can have this presidency when you COME AND TAKE IT, LIBS!

Instead, The Petulant Of The United States is going down Jon Bon Jovi style: IN A BLAZE OF GLORY!



Talk about owning the LIBS! We all know there’s nothing the libs hate more than LIES and Trump peppered them with every single LIE in his arsenal. It was a heroic BEATDOWN of the LIBERALLY-BIASED TRUTH.

And even the MAINSTREAM, LEFTIST MEDIA couldn’t help but rave over the president’s heroic performance. Just listen to the Washington Post’s FIVE STAR REVIEW (Pinocchios are stars, right?)…

“It was, almost literally, a distillation of the past four weeks of rants, allegations and accusations, including countless examples of claims which have already been soundly debunked. That sudden surge of votes seen in Wisconsin, something so compelling in Trump’s eyes that he brought a visual aid to demonstrate it? We dispatched that on Nov. 11: It was just the county of Milwaukee reporting its results. Whether it’s more worrisome if Trump knew it had been debunked or if he didn’t is up to you to determine.”

The Lyin’ Bezos Washington Post

Trump’s speech even TRIGGERED the Dem-O-Craps over at the CNN, CLINTON NEWS NETWORK, including Fredo, AKA, Chris HOMO, who refused to air Trump’s TRUTHFUL slash and burn of American democracy, because, he says, “Donald Trump is so far gone, that I cannot in good conscience play the substance of a 46-minute spiel that he spewed tonight… It is lies and ugly suggestions that have a basis in nothing but division and malice.” AKA “I got TRIGGERED. Wah, wah, wah!”

And PSYCHO JOE over at MSDNC was equally TRIGGERED by Trump’s Conservative attempt to liquidate democracy like he liquidated his casino’s bank accounts. His guest, Mike “Crusty” Barnicle, called Trump’s speech a, “mentally ill rant.”

But patriots, FREEDOM (in the form of abject tyranny) is on the rise and we’re not backing down simply because we have no factual ground to stand on. Trump’s speech wasn’t the only drunken, destructive rant of the day. Check out this BELLIGERENT PATRIOT drunkenly berating the panel of State Representatives at a Michigan hearing on the election. The woman, Melissa Carone, heroically made false claims of voter fraud, which have already been debunked, with an added slurring and incoherent twist as the star witness for the Trump legal team and Rudy Giuliani.

And while Trump and his team’s destructive shenanigans continue to heroically undermine America, let no one say that Donald Trump isn’t also doing a great job as president, because our national COVID crisis just saw the lowest number of deaths EVER in a single day (If by “lowest” you mean “highest”.)

“A day after 2,804 Americans died in a single day from the coronavirus pandemic – almost as many as in the 11 September 2001 terrorist attacks – Donald Trump said nothing about the harrowing national crisis.”

The Guardian FAKE Newspaper

Stand fast patriots! We are GREAT AGAIN!

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