Trump Looks Presidential At Large Manly Desk; Libs Triggered By Heroic Scene


There are moments that define American presidential greatness. And then there are moments that shatter the paradigm of human achievement in the field of looking heroic, manly and statesmanlike. For OUR GREAT SAVIOR AND PRESIDENT, the image above was both.

Today is the day Trump went from being president to dictator, a title of esteem reserved for only the most benevolent and wise leaders. And nothing says wise leadership like coiling one’s McRib-fat-caked haunches upon a perfectly normal-height chair behind a perfectly normal-sized desk with a perfectly normal-sized Presidential Seal in a perfectly normal scene of Thanksgiving leadership.

That’s what Donald Trump did this Thanksgiving. He appeared at a perfectly statesmanlike, and not-hilarious-at-all photo-op in the White House Reception Room, and he sat for a totally-average berating of the reporters of the White House Press Corps while sitting under a microphone, which was a totally-acceptable distance above his head next to a completely-average, undecorated, traditional American Thanksgiving Tree, like we all have in our houses right now. An undecorated tree, for Thanksgiving. You know, normal. Normal desk. Normal scene.

And the stupid, scum-eating Lib-o-crats LOST THEIR FREAKING MINDS.

Just look at this disgraceful mockery of OUR PRESIDENT:

Patriots, this is who the Butt-Sucking Lib-tards are. They’re name callers. They go low when we go high. They call OUR PRESIDENT #DiaperDon when he never said anything bad about them.

Except “Sleepy Creepy Joe,” “Da Nang Dick,” “Crooked,” “Lyin’,” “Heartless,” “Skank,” “Al Frankenstein,” “Monster,” “Joe Munchkin,” “Fat Jerry,” “That Dog,” “Crazy Nancy,” “Adam Schitt,” “Pocahontas,” “Low IQ,” “Half-Whitmer,” “Morning Psycho,” “Kung-flu,” “Leakin'” James Comey, “Fat Jerry,” “Basically Braindead,” “Cryin’ Chuck,” “Wierdo,” “The Indian,” “Dumb As A Rock,” “Sleepy Eyes,” “Thugs,” and “Mr. Kurd,” etc.

Still, DiaperDon–, I mean President-King-And-Jesus-Elect Donald Trump kept it sane with a reasoned, calm response to the EVIL, SATAN-WORSHIPPING CABAL’S VERY UNFAIR QUESTIONS. Calm and sane, like always, Trump said this, in response to the unfair question of whether he would concede to loser-elect Sleepy Joe just 22 days after he lost the election.

Trump treating the Lyin’ Scum Media the way they deserve.

“You’re just a lightweight. Don’t talk to me that way. I’m the President of the United States. Don’t ever talk to the president that way.”

– President Trump

Don’t these stupid Enemies of the People know that the president has the special privilege of not being asked tough questions by the press? Seriously. Where’d they get their Journalism License? A Crackerjack box? They certainly didn’t get it from Trump University, which probably explains why they’re SO INCOMPETENT at BEING INCOMPETENT, unlike us Conservative Reporters.

Then, Trump TRUMPED IT UP by TRUMPING the next question, correctly falsely comparing the GREATEST COUNTRY ON EARTH to the “third world.”

“Massive fraud has been found. We’re like a Third World country. We’re using computer equipment that can be hacked. They talk about glitches. How many glitches did they find? A glitch, oh gee, we had a glitch, 5,000 votes. In all cases, right? In all cases, the votes went from Trump to Biden. They didn’t go from Biden. The glitches were never from Biden to Trump. They had many glitches, and they said, “Oh, we had a glitch.” A glitch is like the equipment is a little broken, we’ll fix it up. No, a glitch is, in this case, we caught them cheating, we caught them stealing, we caught a fraudulent effort to get votes, and they said, “Oh yes, it’s true, there was.” And there were many of them.”

– President Trump

Following that FALSE TRUTH, Trump kept it classy some more, adding a new name to the Enemies Of The People List: Georgia Republican Secretary of State, and avowed Trump voter, Brad Raffensperger.

“…The Secretary Of State, who is really, he’s an enemy of the people. The Secretary of State, and whether he’s Republican or not, this man, what he’s done…”

President Trump

But despite that (ir)RATIONAL RAGE, the big demons at big tech were already pushing ALTERNATIVE TRUTH, so Donald J(ust being cool, not going insane at all) Trump decided to set the record straight about the SLANDEROUS FACTS that caused #DiaperDon to trend on Twitter.

But since the ENEMIES OF THE PEOPLE IN THE MEDIA didn’t get the subtlety of that ALTERNATIVE FACT, Trump decided, rightly, that it was time for the GREATEST, FREEST COUNTRY IN AMERICA to shut it all down.

Of course, STUPID LIBS and STUPID OTHER PEOPLE had no idea what the president was referring to, just because it was an obscure communications law, so one of the STUPID LIBS wasted their time figuring it out, instead of just agreeing with the president the way Real Patriots do.

If you’re a PATRTIOT who doesn’t read Twitter, like I clearly DON’T, I’ll summarize. Section 230 provides immunity, for websites like Twitter, from responsibility for third party content, like #DiaperDon tweets.

A.k.a., it’s about more freedom, if by more, you mean less. But, I now support opposing freedom of expression, because Trump, Trump, TRUMP!

Only 53 days and counting until the SECOND TERM begins!

A cutout of U.S. President Donald Trump is pictured as supporters take part in a protest against the results of the 2020 U.S. presidential election in Atlanta, Georgia, November 21, 2020.

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