While President OBAMA was playing politics, George W. BUSH, the interpretive dancer and former president, came out of hiding today for an appearance to commemorate the BIGGEST F#@%ING “MISSION ACCOMPLISHED” OF HIS PRESIDENCY, Hurricane Katrina.

All Republicans remember swelling with pride back in 2005 as the 43rd President of the United States heroically flew over the area worst impacted by the hurricane without landing as honored residents down below shook their fists with gratitude.

Today, President Bush showed he’s still got the moves after all these years when he went back to New Orleans to do a victory dance…

He also gave a speech, in which he joked about being drunk and said,

“I hope you remember what I remember, and that is 30,000 people were saved in the immediate aftermath of the storm.”

And, in a portion of the speech shown only to, Bush added immediately after that comment,

“And I also hope you do not remember what I did not remember, which is to evacuate flood prone major U.S. cities that sit below sea level before a category 5 hurricane hits them, and also, to take action in the immediate and long-term aftermath of such a tragedy to help those in need.”

Bush added,

“See, I thought the correct action to take was to go for a ride in my airplane!”

He then danced away from the microphone and back into the cage in which the Republican Party keeps him locked away from the public eye. The cage was promptly transported to an undisclosed location in Crawford, Texas.

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