Here’s a hint: It was his dad (and, of course, liberals).

Just read this and it all makes sense:

“Cruz’s biography is a tale etched in resentment. Most often, the villains are Democrats, reflecting a visceral dislike that was bred into him by the father he still idolizes — a father who refused for two years to call his son by the Americanized nickname he adopted (he was born Rafael Edward) because he shared it with a certain famous Democratic senator from Massachusetts. Later, he suffered at the hands of his freshman roommate at Princeton, a “liberal student from New Jersey” who expressed his contempt for the cowboy-boot-wearing Cruz by gluing shut the snooze button on Cruz’s alarm clock. Then there was a “fairly well-known liberal professor” who gave Cruz a B instead of the A he thought he deserved for a paper that compared private charity, favorably, to government welfare as a way to help the poor. “Was it ideological prejudice, or something else?” Cruz asks darkly, adding that the grade probably cost him the summa cum laude diploma he otherwise had earned.

And things only got worse at Harvard Law School, a hotbed of “trendy Marxist philosophy” and a bastion of affirmative action. His outspoken conservative views kept him from the presidency of the Harvard Law Review, and he had to settle for a senior editing post instead. But this apparent setback was not actually a failure, because “the election was not necessarily for the brightest among us, or the most accomplished, or the most articulate. None of us wanted someone like that getting the job and thus increasing his or her odds of getting a Supreme Court clerkship at our expense.” That should reassure any readers concerned that Barack Obama, who was president of the law journal, may have been smarter than Cruz.”


All of this is exemplary of a GREAT, AMERICAN UPBRINGING (in Canada) for Ted Cruz. I know I’ve made my own son Joe sleep outside in a doghouse for the last 6 years, because the TRAITOROUS DUNCE Joe Biden is currently the Vice President. And, yes, I know he’s six years old. And, no, I don’t feel bad about it. That’s just the price of patriotism. Sometimes, your kids just disappoint you and you have to teach them some good old AMERICAN VALUES, such as SPITE, HATRED, HOLDING A GRUDGE, and NOT LOVING YOUR CHILDREN IF THEY HAVE THE SAME NAME AS DEMOCRATS.

Sorry son, love hurts.

When you grow up to be a PATRIOT, you’ll understand.


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