Every day there are new and more powerful threats to freedom. Sometimes they come from places we expect (Muslims) and sometimes they come from places we don’t expect (Spokane, Washington)…

Which brings us to today’s THREAT TO FREEDOM: Rachel Dolezal.

Thanks to the Obama’s liberal dewhiteification of America and his PC demanification of BRUCE Jenner, we now have WHITE women who want to be BLACK women.


It’s not just white suburban male teens who think they’re black anymore. It’s WOMEN.

Rachel Dolezal is the head of the Spokane branch of the NAACP, which as I learned today, is the National Association for the Advancement of COLORED PEOPLE.

COLORED people. As in no whites allowed. Or, in Spanish, “No hablo blancos.”

And here’s the bombshell news: Rachel Dolezal is as white as a suburban St. Louis Police Station. She’s been lying about it so she could become a black activist. She even checked a “black” CHECK BOX on an application. A CHECK BOX! She’s been doing it for years, flaunting society’s morals for the easy, carefree life of an American black (which is the PC term). Oh sure, she lied about hate crimes against her, but that was clearly just to increase her “street credit.” Even a liberal media lapdog reporter was able to expose her blatant lies. (Truth located @ 8:17)

And her parents were quick to throw her under the bus. (Truth scattered throughout, sorry)


But while Dolezal is clearly a “wegro” disgrace to the white race, there are bigger issues at stake than, why would she pose as a black woman (or possibly a very tan member of the former “Jersey Shore” cast)?


Among those questions: How did she do that with her white-person hair? Was she “black” all over or just on her face? Is it still a hate crime if she’s really white, but you think she’s black? Was she more likely to become a criminal after she became fake-black? And HOW THE HELL DID SHE DO THAT WITH HER HAIR?!?!

Of course, these are minor concerns compared to the most pressing question for conservatives: How can I use this isolated story to draw a false equivalency that justifies my hatred and intolerance of Caitlyn Jenner?

Luckily the answer was quickly found

“How, exactly is what Dolezal did any different than what Jenner is currently doing? Rachel Dolezal is not black, and Caitlyn Jenner is not a woman (putting aside the basic biological facts of how sex-selection and chromosomes work, Jenner’s not even undergone the so-called sex change surgery; by all accounts, his equipment is still intact). Rachel Dolezal changing her wardrobe, her makeup, and her hair do not make her black. Pretty much everyone seems to agree on that, for obvious reasons. You don’t turn red into blue by magically declaring that red is now blue.

And yet, the Left and the media would have us believe that Bruce Jenner can become a woman by…changing his name, his wardrobe, his makeup, and his hair. How can you logically square the belief that Jenner is a hero while Dolezal is a mental case? Well, you can’t.


Yes, I can’t think of ONE SINGLE WAY that a white woman lying about being black is different than a man openly trying to become a woman. It’s LITERALLY the same thing.

That’s why sometimes I’m accidentally racist against women when I mean to be racist against black people… er, uh, I mean not hire them based on their merits.

Gender IS race. The leftists can’t have it both ways! Either Rachel Dolezal is a black woman or she is a man! Pick one, Commies! These are the fucked up rules YOU invented (if I correctly understand them (which I know I do because I AM RIGHT))!

This is the new America that the Obama leftists hath wrought!

Now, be warned Sheeple, there are some liberal “thinkers”– like Nick Gillespie of Reason.com–who are pushing the RIDICULOUS idea that one white woman pretending to be a black person doesn’t prove beyond a doubt that all transgendered individuals are crimes against God and the Founders…

“Dolezal’s crime isn’t that she wants to identify as black, it’s that she’s denying the plain reality of her past (and doing so because to come clean would cause major problems for her)… Social conservatives might be repulsed by the idea of a man becoming a woman (or acting as one). But Jenner isn’t pretending that she was always biologically a woman, was literally born a woman, or anything like that. And unlike, say, folks such as Iron Eyes Cody—the famous “crying Indian” who was born Espera DeCorti to Italian-immigrant parents but insisted after a certain point that no, really he was a native American—there’s no reason to believe Jenner will ever pretend that she was born with female genitalia.”

Please allow me to offer a Reasoned response to your liberal BS…

No no no no no NO NO NO NO NO NO!!!


If we start down the slippery slope of letting white people be black, what’s next? Are they going to start wearing baggy clothes? Will we let them make RAP music? And if we let men be women, it’s literally the same situation… Are we going to let men make 70% as much money as women. Sorry, these gender and racial roles are clearly defined in the Bible.

“White is white. And black is black. And women work 70% as hard as men. GET OVER IT LIBS!”
– Jesus

It’s perfectly valid for conservatives to argue that all changes are equal, whether it’s changing male traits and behaviors into female ones, a white person pretending to be black, changing your hair color, your eye color, the color of your God-given nails, or any other change. IT’S ALL AN ABOMINATION IN GOD’S EYES!

But here’s the real truth Sheeple. The question of whether a white woman can become black is irrelevant.

Why? Because I’m pretty sure Rachel Dolezal pulled it off. She did it. Case closed. Obama’s America has come to pass.

Somehow, for all those years, not one single person was able to tell that this is actually a white person…


America has become color blind. Blacks and whites are equal. Equally stupid.



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