Today is, undeniably, a slow news day. But slow news days provide an opportunity to reflect on freedom. Slow news days are FAST FREEDOM DAYS.

As I was reflecting on the value of freedom and Jesus today, I came across an interesting comment on…

Charleym1 -Dec. 11, 2014 at 9:11am
As a Christian, I don’t believe in atheists, only in men who are spiritually fighting against in their hearts and attack the religious in their vain attempts to drown out their own voice. There are those who have so thoroughly defied God in their evil ways (see Obama, Stalin, hitler, Chevy chase) He has given them over to their own lusts. Oh, and Phil Spector

Charleym1 makes a great point. There are EVIL people in America. People so evil that God has given up on them. “given them over to their own lusts.”

As it says in Deuteronomy…

“Do not be afraid or discouraged, for the Lord will personally go ahead of you. He will be with you; he will neither fail you nor abandon you…

…unless you’re named Barack Obama, Stalin, Hitler or Chevy Chase, in which case have a nice day in HELL!!!”


But, this comment raises another important issue. AMERICA IS UNDER ATTACK from ATHEISTS like the five Charleym1 mentioned. They are plotting in their atheist hideouts to dismantle freedom one believer at a time, and the only thing standing between the atheists and their DYSTOPIAN GOAL is a few BRAVE PATRIOTS who still believe in CAPITALISM/JESUS.

The atheists WILL be able to instill their SOCIALIST REGIME of TYRANNY unless we know EXACTLY who they are. So, I have created a list of the 10 most dangerous atheists/socialists/communists in America today, from most worst to least worst.

Charleym1 has already given us 1-5…



He’s our first socialist president. He’s also our first atheist president. Put two and two together and what do you get? You get NUMBER ONE. As in, the number one MOST DANGEROUS MAN IN AMERICA. #FreedomMath



The mustache is a red flag. The fact that he led a country that has a red flag is also a red flag. I know libs think a person who is dead can’t be a threat to freedom. I guess they’ve never seen The Walking Dead (Ed note: or met Dick Cheney).



Every time I hear someone talk about how Obama is destroying freedom, they always compare him to Hitler. Being compared to one of the worst dictators in history doesn’t bode well for Hitler. Frankly, it makes him seem, well, evil. Luckily, Brad Pitt killed him in that movie theater. Now, only one question is left to answer: Who’s going to kill ZOMBIE HITLER?



If you have to ask why Chevy Chase is on this list, you know nothing about freedom. Read every article on immediately!



Take a good look at Phil Spector…



This man is a REVEREND and he still made the list of most dangerous atheists. That’s how dangerous he is. He baits race, he supports Obama, and most dangerously, he has a mustache, just like Stalin, Hitler and all EVILDOERS.



Imagine if second-worst atheist in America Joseph Stalin didn’t have a mustache… THAT’S Vladimir Putin. What? That sounds better? Well, did I mention he doesn’t wear shirts, is insane, and uses powers granted to him by atheist god Charles Darwin to harness the power of animals to conquer the Free World. Yeah, doesn’t sound so good now, does it?



MSNBC is a wretched hive of atheism and villainy. This “blame America first” bunch are the SECRET PROPAGANDA MACHINE of number-one atheist Barack Obama. And, they have an endless assembly line of NERDS WITH GLASSES who like to talk about things like MINIMUM WAGE, HEALTHCARE and other communist agendas. You know what you never hear about on MSNBC? How JESUS buried the dinosaur bones 5,000 years ago to test our faith against evolution, science and other LIES FROM THE PIT OF HELL!



A nation of one billion communists that know karate and hate America. That’s China. So, it’s slightly less dangerous than MSNBC. Yes.



Some people say, “laughter is the best medicine.” I say, “laughter is the biggest threat to faith in Jesus.” But if that was true I’d have to move Woody Allen to the top of the list, so I changed my saying to, “laughter is the biggest threat to faith in Jesus aside from OBAMA and 8 other things.” Woody Allen makes people laugh and he’s an atheist. That makes him 10th worst. #FreedomMath

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  1. Antonio G.Ciano


    The Word means
    Resources of Love
    From the heart, soul
    And goodness of
    Human kind,

    To Bear Witness
    Of the mind of God,
    The Sacred Heart of
    Jesus, the savior of our world
    Who took your sins
    Without waste, suffering
    Or eternal death.

    Believe in the angels
    Of mercy,
    For there is no darkness
    In the Heart of their love for you
    And you will save yourselves
    From the veil of darkness
    That hides from you
    The True Love of our Father
    God who embraces his Children without fear.
    anger or any spiritual regrets.

    Repent of your hate,
    Jealousy and lust for power,
    Turn away from wars,
    Killing and material competition
    And know that Jesus, our True Messiah,
    Will never leave you in times of Trouble
    For His Mercy will save you to keep
    Your immortal soul.

    There is no True Prophecy today except for Revelation 2:17, known as The Urantia Book, free, online, in all international languages, and prepared for You by Arch Angel Michael J. Christ’s Angels, and the voice of God Channeled to you through the voices of True members of the Church of Christ. Blessings to you, Your Families and all the People you Love. In the name of Jesus and the Holy Spirit, Amen.

    Giuseppe Antonio Ciano



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