Today, Rolling Stone retracted their much talked-about story of brutal rape on the University of Virginia campus because one of the victims the story is based on appears to have been lying.

The TRUTH, as all conservatives know, is that rape on campus does not exist, and is just a liberal myth designed to denigrate young men and elevate feminists to the level of equality with the FAR SUPERIOR MALE.

Well, today truly is THE LORD’S DAY, because THE LIBERAL MYTH OF RAPE IS DEAD!!!


Bill Cosby, you’re welcome…

And, the conservative reaction on the interwebs was typically subdued and reasonable…

Ra Williams
The writer (and magazine staff) is just another lying liberal J’ with a hatred of white Americans.
29 minutes ago

Jerry Boggs
Yes, this sort of thing is exactly what cost the Democrats in the mid-terms.
29 minutes ago

Don McCoy
How SHOCKING!! Rolling Stone just jumped onto the Liberal bandwagon of accusations and has to apologize!? Who’d have thunk it possible!?

Apple Bite -Dec. 5, 2014 at 2:25pm
No! impossible! Women can never tell a lie!
I know Bill Cosby wishes it were this easy for him. Because old women can’t tell lies either….Or can they?

3:02 PM EST
Women lie about rape. Time to end this rage spiral against white men on campus.

3:04 PM EST
Journalism is getting pretty worthless these days. Just a bunch of liberal activists pushing their pet causes. Then when they get caught in the lies they say it doesn’t matter because it is symptomatic of the larger problem and ignore all the collateral damage they caused. Bunch of freaking lying idiots.

Stupid liberals. They think rape is a problem.


Let me explain something to you…


Everybody knows the only reason LIBERALS lie about rape so much is because they want it to be real. They have a PRO-RAPE AGENDA.

Whereas conservatives, those who actually LOVE AMERICA, argue that RAPE is a MYTH OF OBAMA because convincing people that something isn’t real means it doesn’t exist anymore.


That’s how problems are solved. Boom!

You’re next Holocaust!

But while the MSM was publishing the LIE OF RAPE, they were missing some pretty important stories. Lucky for me, CONSERVATIVE MEDIA was ALL OVER IT, so I can share it with you…

Charges that Disney — known for producing kid-friendly films, TV shows and theme parks — has diminished God’s importance in its products are nothing new, but the company is facing a fresh round of criticism from a pastor who recently noticed something missing from one of its billboards.

Pastor Eddie DelValle of With Love Ministries told One News Now that he was surprised to see the word “Christmas” removed from Disney billboards in Orlando, Florida, especially considering that the messages advertise Mickey’s Very Merry Christmas Party at Magic Kingdom, one of the company’s popular holiday-themed attractions.

DelValle told TheBlaze Friday that he made the observation while driving in the car with his wife recently. At first he thought his eyes were deceiving him, but DelValle passed by again and confirmed that the billboard read, “Mickey’s Very Merry Party.”

“I just couldn’t believe it,” he said.

Put some CHRIST on that billboard MOTHERF***ER!


Shocking. The JEWS IN THE LIBERAL MEDIA will jump all over the story when someone doesn’t mention “HANUKKAH” or “RAPE” on a billboard… but “Christmas”? That’s a different story.

It seems, these days, nobody cares about protecting the sanctity of MENTIONING Jesus CHRIST’s name in the crass commercial money-grabs that inspiringly choose to profit financially from from the season that celebrates the birth of our Lord.

And if that doesn’t inspire you to HATE LIBERALS, I don’t know what will.


Now, after Pastor DelValle saw Disney’s SHAMEFUL billboard, he didn’t just sit idly by and let them DESTROY GOD and WAGE WAR ON CHRISTMAS.

He did what any REASONABLE AMERICAN would have done…

While attending Mickey’s Very Merry Christmas Party has been a tradition for the DelValle family for the past eight years, the preacher said they won’t be partaking this year. In fact, he removed everything Disney-themed from his house, expressing his overarching distaste.

DelValle literally had no other choice. Disney put him in a corner with their BLATANT ATTACK ON THE CHRISTIAN FAITH, the AMERICAN FAITH.


Of course, the liberals at Disney offered all kinds of excuses…

A representative for Disney, though, told TheBlaze, that the real reason the billboard and some online advertising materials were shortened to remove Christmas had everything to do with “readability.”

“Our event is still named Mickey’s Very Merry Christmas Party, and the majority of our marketing materials reflect that,” Disney spokesman Bryan Malenius said in a statement. “For billboards and a few smaller online ads, we shortened the event name in the interest of space and readability.”

Sounds like some typical LIBERAL SPIN…

But DelValle isn’t convinced that’s the case.

“I’m not buying that,” he said. “That billboard is huge …

Luckily, some important investigative reporting (not like Rolling Stone’s SH** REPORTING) was done that confirms the LIBERAL CONSPIRACY any unbiased observer suspected from the start…

After reviewing advertising being distributed on various channels, TheBlaze can confirm that the vast majority of messaging does, to varying degrees, include the word Christmas, including radio and TV ads as well as the Mickey’s Very Merry Christmas Party website.

“Vast majority”???

Why not all of it Disney? What are you hiding?

Answer, THE WORD “CHRISTMAS” is what they’re hiding.

Shame on you, Disney.


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