Know-nothing liberals like to whine and complain about how conservatives want to repeal OBAMACARE but don’t have any alternatives to fix our broken healthcare system.

I’ve never agreed with that complaint, but thanks to the mainstream media’s SUPPRESSION OF TRUTH, I’ve never been able to find any facts to disprove it… until now.

In IDAHO, a new method of healthcare is emerging. I don’t know if it has a name, and I don’t plan to find out. But I’ll call it JESUSCARE. And based on what I’m reading in a new report, it’s far superior to the unbridled socialism of OBAMACARE. Here’s how the report describes it…

“Faith-healing parents believe prayer is the only acceptable treatment in matters of health, even if it means letting their children die.”

Hey, freedom isn’t free.

JESUSCARE is just good, old fashioned individual rights. We don’t need GOVERNMENT making our healthcare decisions. And unfortunately, sometimes you gotta kill a child or two to keep the government out of your doctor’s office… aka, your church.


Here’s how JESUSCARE, aka the ACTUAL LAW in Idaho, works…

“Idaho’s religious exemption law describes prayer as a spiritual “treatment” that can act as a legal substitute for medical care. In other words, it can’t be neglect if the child is receiving treatment, even if that treatment consists exclusively of asking God for a miracle. What’s more absurd, according to [liberal a-hole Rita] Swan, is that the state’s laws inadvertently promote the most extreme behavior among faith-healing parents because of how they’re written: Parents can lose their religious protections the minute they use any other means of care beyond spiritual treatment to help cure a child.

“If the parent combines prayer with orange juice or a cool bath to bring down a fever,” Swan says, “the parent loses the exemption.””


Liberals might look at this and see a problem to be fixed by more government intervention in healthcare. But conservatives see a system where individuals are making healthcare decisions, a system that’s WORKING FOR THE AMERICAN PEOPLE. That’s why, when they got the chance to change it, aka SOCIALIZE it, conservatives stood up to PROGRESSIVE SCUM…

“Earlier this year, a proposal was introduced in Idaho’s state legislature to amend its religious shield laws, but it never got to the floor. Scott Bedke, the state’s House speaker, prevented the bill from having a hearing. Even the Governor’s Task Force on Children at Risk, a nonpartisan advisory group, declined to support the bill, which became red meat for conservative state legislators who saw it as government intrusion and an assault on religious freedom.”

FINALLY, some reasonable people in government…

“This is about religious beliefs, the belief God is in charge of whether they live, and God is in charge of whether they die,” said Republican Rep. Christy Perry. “This is about where they go for eternity.”

Idaho. Finally, a state that gets it. Jesus take the wheel… and the scalpel.

I agree with Rep. Perry. That’s why I have a doctor whose favorite saying is, “F*** it, I don’t know if it’s lupus or the common cold, but give me that bone saw and we’ll let God sort them out!”


I believe that’s in the hypocrite-ic oath…

And JESUSCARE is already having great results for the American people…

At least 12 children have died at the hands of faith-healing parents in the state, yet not a single charge has been filed. In Idaho, authorities do not investigate or prosecute faith-healing deaths, which occur largely without scrutiny from the public or media. Of the dozen documented cases in the last three years—and there are likely many more that have gone unreported.”

And the cases that have been reported represent the type of heartwarming success stories that OBAMACARE is sorely lacking.

There’s 16 year old Pamela Eells, who, “drowned in her own fluids after suffering from a bone infection commonly associated with leukemia”.

Or 15 year old Arrian Granden, “whose family stood by for three days in 2012 as their daughter suffered fits of vomiting and diarrhea. Arrian’s esophagus eventually ruptured from her retching, which was brought on by an easily treatable case of food poisoning. She gradually fell unconscious before going into cardiac arrest. A 205-word case summary from the Canyon County Coroner’s Office is the only official record of her death.”

(Licensed Medical Professional in Idaho.)

And, at a cemetery of the faith-healing group who enrolls in JESUSCARE, the Followers Of Christ, the good news is even more widespread…

“While the graves of deceased children in the cemetery date back to 1905, 149 children, more than 70 percent, were buried there in or after 1972, the year that Idaho enacted a law providing a religious defense to manslaughter.”

And, the cherry on top of this RELIGIOUS FREEDOM CAKE is that the simple, less than 1,000 page JESUSCARE has not added one single penny to the national debt.


You don’t have to go on any fancy website to enroll. Just close your eyes, bow your head, and tell Jesus you want to enroll in the Bronze plan. It’s called “Bronze” because that’s the Age that the medical practices come from.

Finally, I know there are some liberal SIMPS (short for simpleton) who say, “Oh, why don’t you just make a REGULATION that forces people to take their kids to the hospital when they’re sick? That will solve everything.”

Will it? Just look what happened when neighboring Oregon, which also used to allow faith-healers to fill-in for doctors, changed their law…

“A string of convictions of faith healers who endanger their children in Oregon, where officials have been empowered by some of the strictest laws in the country since 2011, when the state eliminated the last of its religious-defense statutes. Oregon has successfully prosecuted three similar cases in the last three years, putting mothers and fathers in jail on charges of criminal mistreatment, negligent homicide and manslaughter, and sending a message to other faith-healing families that they must seek medical care for their children.”

Sounds like more needless government intervention by OBAMA and his LIBERAL CRONIES.

States are the laboratories of democracy, and if you don’t like it, move to another state (that goes for you too, kids!).

Just remember, “That government is best which governs least.” Thoreau.

On this there can be no debate and no compromise. Only OBAMA or FREEDOM. You decide.


Update: JESUS called. He does not endorse JESUSCARE and thinks anyone who would subject their children to it when modern medicine is available is, and I quote, “a F***ing idiot.”

Also, he reiterated his support for legalized marijuana.


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