Is there no LOW to which Hollywood Elites who got rich off AMERICA but still hate it won’t sink?

Apparently not, as evidenced by Tuesday night’s “Concert for Valor,” an HBO-produced “concert” of “music” on the National Mall which supposedly was to honor our veterans but really just served to give liberal “musicians” another chance to s*** all over AMERICA.

Things started well enough, with Jennifer Hudson performing our national anthem, a perfectly appropriate song choice for such a serious, and important occasion.

But then came the liberal hate-songs. Specifically, songs expressing an UNPATRIOTIC dislike of war.

Progressive extremist, and supporter of known socialist Barack HUSSEIN Obama, Bruce Springsteen took the stage in front of a crowd featuring thousands of veterans and launched into a hateful ANTI-AMERICA MUSICAL TIRADE titled “Fortunate Son.” Fasten your seatbelts. It goes something like this…

Springsteen, flanked by his “HATE-STAPO, aka Dave Grohl, a known cross-dresser, and Zac Brown (Note: is he actually brown? Check before publishing), didn’t seem to care that Twitter and the FAIR AND BALANCED portion of the Internet was IMMEDIATELY OUTRAGED by this clear INSULT TO OUR TROOPS on Veterans Day, he just went right ahead and sang ONE WHOLE VERSE, before allowing his Hate-Stapo to join in, much to the dismay of those who were not in attendance.



Yes, three guys from New Jersey, Virginia, and Georgia… leave it to Hollywood!

As the pro-war Weekly Standard put it

“The song, not to put too fine a point on it, is an anti-war screed, taking shots at “the red white and blue.” It was a particularly terrible choice given that Fortunate Son is, moreover, an anti-draft song, and this concert was largely organized to honor those who volunteered to fight in Afghanistan and Iraq.
On a musical level, “Fortunate Son” is not a bad song—that’s one hell of a riff. But the “Concert for Valor,” a Veterans Day event sponsored by HBO and Starbucks, in front of the Capitol Building, was not the place for it.”

Yes! Hey Spring-peen, an event honoring veterans is not the place for this “Anti-war screed.” If there’s one group of people who can appreciate the greatness and majesty of warfare, it’s the veterans who have seen combat and death and loss in all its wonder.

They don’t want to hear your BS about when politicians sent them to war under false pretenses while staying safe and comfy at home. All veterans love war! THAT IS A PROVEN FACT!


And they didn’t sacrifice life and limb for you to be able to say whatever you want, so shut your pie-hole and sing something patriotic like “Born in the USA” that doesn’t scare ME by making ME ask the same difficult questions about war, duty, and patriotism that many of our VETERANS wrestle with everyday.

VETERANS DAY isn’t about that. It’s about appealing to homogenized, meaningless values like “patriotism” and “heroes” without ascribing any actual meaning to them beyond using them to make me feel better about supporting sending young men and women to die in endless wars over politics, oil, and profit.

What’s so complicated about that, Bruce?


Of course, some LIBERAL EGG HEADS think that just because they can point out some “facts,” they can make the whole controversy seem stupid and distorted by “right-wing political hacks”…

“This reaction seems like… not really an accurate read of this song! Not really at all. Real patriotism entails exactly this: publicly challenging the status quo in a country you believe to be capable of better things. Besides (at the risk of stating the obvious), the song isn’t against soldiers; anti-chickenhawk. In related news: Fogerty literally played this song, last week, on the White House lawn.”

At the risk of stating the obvious… NO. IT DOESN’T. SEE ABOVE, LIB-TARD!

And also, before you even say it, I don’t care if the guy that wrote the song was a veteran. CONSERVATIVE PATRIOTS know better than HIM…

“Fogerty was drafted when he was 20 years old, in 1965, and came home from active duty two years later. In his own words, he was inspired to write “Fortunate Son” because “I did not support the policy or the war… If you asked anyone in the army at that time why we were going to Vietnam to fight, no one could answer… Probably the real answer was keeping the war machine going, and business. To sacrifice a young man’s life with no real purpose, taking these young men from their mothers and families, was wrong. I was the guy who was living this life… I had very strong feelings about all of this… To me, those soldiers were my brothers. I understood them because I was also drafted into the army just like them. The protest was against the policy, not the soldiers…”

Well, that was long. Too bad the so called “expert” on the song’s meaning, Fogerty, forgot one thing…




Just watch the rapper’s DISGUSTING, F-word laced performance that he gave to “honor” (read: horrify) our troops.

Hey! There are sailors out there! They can’t handle that type of language!

Absolutely sickening… Why would Eminem even waste his time performing for the troops if he’s not going to make it family friendly? This is about the kids not the troops! And it’s about the troops, I guess, too.

But, what it’s really about is OBAMA letting AMERICA go to hell by having liberals and vagrants and “urban culture” performing in the Nation’s Capital on a day that’s supposed to be reserved for REAL PATRIOTS to fly the flag and pay lip service to veterans while advocating sending more of them to die.


We can’t have these AMERICAN-APOLOGISTS singing songs of peace and dropping F-BOMBS and GOOD CONSERVATIVES must call them on their hypocrisy.

Maybe if we publicly shame them like this more, these performers will think twice before performing for our troops. That way everyone wins… except the people they would have been performing for. Who’s that again?


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