It’s the season of “mids.”

We’re just a few days away from the midterms.

And we’re midway through the 2014 NFL season.

But there will be no middle ground in determining this week’s “All Truth Team”. Everyone is either THE BEST (Reagans) or THE WORST (Obamas)…

1. THE OBAMA AWARD (For Weakness and General Sissy-ness)–
Winner: TONY ROMO, Quarterback/Quarter-man, Dallas Cowboys

It’s rare that someone can become a member of the All Truth Team without even suiting up, but with his antics this week, Cowboys quarterback Tony Romo has managed to do just that.

The Cowboys faced a must-win game Sunday in Arizona, but in their hour of need, their best player, Tony Romo abandoned them and selfishly decided not to play.

The result: a disastrous 28-17 loss to the Cardinals.


And why, you ask, did Romo choose to cowardly abandon his team in their hour of need?

The answer is un-back-lievable

“Romo was relegated to headset-wearing sideline duty with what is reportedly the same injury that kept Baylor’s Bryce Petty out for a game earlier this season. It’s described as fractures of two small bones in the back.”

Yes Romo wasn’t on the field due to a “painful” back fracture suffered last week.

I used to RESPECT Tony Romo. He came from a GREAT REPUBLICAN STATE, Texas. He played for AMERICA’S TEAM, the Dallas Cowboys. And he dated a PATRIOTIC WOMAN, Jessica Simpson.


But now, Romo has become a fallen Conservative star. He’s become a TEAM player, allowing Running Back DeMarco Murray to shoulder the load this season with 8 straight 100+ yard games. He’s spent time with HOMOSEXUALS like Michael Sam. And now, in true OBAMA-LIKE fashion, his liberal back has decided to just give up halfway through the season and BECOME FRACTURED.

Tony Romo is the CHARLIE CRIST of the NFL. He became great on the Republican path, but eventually lost his way and became a PROGRESSIVE EXTREMIST.

The only difference is Crist did it by becoming a Democrat and Romo did it by breaking his LEFT-WING, PROGRESSIVE BACK BONES.

2. THE TED NUGENT AWARD (For Excellence In Americanism)–
Winner: THE STATE OF TEXAS, Best State in U.S. (Except Tony Romo)

Ted Nugent is synonymous with FREEDOM. And so is Texas.


While Tony Romo was promoting an extremist, liberal, pro-fracture agenda at AT&T Stadium in Arlington, freedom was flourishing elsewhere in the state of Texas.

And although it had nothing to do with the NFL, it earns the state of Texas a spot on the “All Truth Team.”

NASCAR was in action at the Texas Motor Speedway. You’re probably thing NASCAR? ACTION? Those things don’t go together! But that’s where you’re wrong, because at this NASCAR Race, the action wasn’t happening on the track.

It was happening in the form of a good, old-fashioned AMERICAN BRAWL.

And this time… it was personal…

It started when driver Brad Keselowski rammed Jeff Gordon with 2 laps remaining, cutting his tire and sending him from 2nd place back to 29th.

Screen Shot 2014-11-02 at 9.38.56 PM Screen Shot 2014-11-02 at 9.39.07 PM

Gordon didn’t take kindly to that, and decided that the best way to show his displeasure was to resort to post-race fisticuffs…

It culminated in the type of bloody brawl that America was built on. The kind that leaves competitors bloodied and bruised and fans cheering.


Somewhere the FOUNDERS were smiling in their graves…


…and Obola and his Progressive Cronies were sorely disappointed by this display of TEXAS-STYLE FREEDOM.


“I’m sorely disappointed by this NASCAR fight. You will pay for this.” – B.H. Obama

Suck it Obola.

3. THE AMNESTY AWARD (For Giving Amnesty To Mexicans)–
Winner: CHIP KELLY, Eagles Coach


Chip Kelly’s Philadelphia Eagles have been flying high this season. They have one of the NFL’s most high-octane offenses and a 5-2 record heading in to Sunday’s matchup against the Texans, which had them in first place.

And, more importantly, all of it was being led by AMERICAN WHITE Nick Foles playing quarterback.

But on Sunday, Nick Foles went down.

And we found out where Chip Kelly’s loyalties really lie.

They lie with the Mexican invaders.


Kelly replaced Foles with quarterback Mark SANCHEZ, who was granted AMNESTY this season from the HUMANITARIAN CRISIS that is REX RYAN’S New York Jets.


And even more terrifying, SANCHEZ was adequate, throwing for 202 yards and 2 touchdowns in a 31-21 win.

Nevermind that SANCHEZ was born in California and grew up speaking English, this is just another example of the CONSEQUENCES OF AMNESTY.

Obama is allowing these people to invade and take GOOD AMERICAN JOBS, like NFL Quarterback.

SANCHEZ, with the help of OBAMA’S AGENTS OF EVIL Chip Kelly and Harry Reid, are willfully creating the conditions for an invasion of America through our POROUS SOUTHERN BORDER.

But, as usual, this is about more than just a Mexican playing in the NFL.

It’s all part of Obama’s larger agenda to knock down America’s Team, the Dallas Cowboys, down a peg using a 3-part plan: (1) Break Tony Romo’s back, (2) pay Liberal Lesbi-man Jeff Gordon to stage a NASCAR brawl in Texas to distract loyal Cowboys fans from supporting their football team…


(3) install a Mexican Man as the quarterback of the Cowboys’ division rival, the Philadelphia Eagles. Since liberals love Mexicans, they will all start rooting for the Eagles, thus further eroding support for the Cowboys and allowing the LOWLY EAGLES OF PHILADELPHIA to supplant the MIGHTY COWBOYS.


Boom. Downfall Of America’s Team. All because of Obama’s Amnesty Plot.

Think about it.

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