There’s an insidious new threat lurking inside AMERICA’S homes.

In fact, it may even be lurking inside your pants pocket, on your “smart” phone, plotting the downfall of THIS REPUBLIC.

Computers, tablets, Nooks, X-Boxes– all of them contain a dangerous new “technology” called FACEBOOK. These items MUST BE DESTROYED immediately.


Because while FACEBOOK may at first seem like a patriotic exercise in the free-market ideals of stalking exes and selling customers’ personal information without permission, it is, in reality, a dangerous, leftist organization perpetuating a radical, leftist agenda of equality

“Facebook has apologized for a policy that drew criticism from LGBT groups after it led to the deactivation of dozens of accounts belonging to drag queens… The policy requires people to use their “real names” on their Facebook profiles… Drag queens, who use their stage names, were reported by another user as violating that policy.”

“APOLOGIZED???” That’s strike one.

And, “TO LGBT GROUPS AND DRAG QUEENS????” Strikes two and three.

This is just another example of GAY-LORD DRAG-KING, aka MARK ZUCKERBERG, imposing his progressive ideals on AMERICA.

And these DRAGS on FREEDOM are head over high-heels with joy…


“San Francisco-based drag queen Sister Roma, who was the first to speak out publicly about being kicked off the site, was named in Cox’s statement: ‘With this input, we’re already underway building better tools for authenticating the Sister Romas of the world…'”

Hey SUCK-erberg! It’s Adam and Eve, not Adam and Sister Roma!!


If anything, those drag queens need to be apologizing to AMERICA’S vulnerable young minds.

I mean, just imagine what’s going to happen when an impressionable young teen stumbles across a drag queen on Facebook…

Are you imagining?

Next thing you know, it’s a slippery slope to every FREEDOM LOVING CHILD on FACEBOOK being rounded up by OBAMA’S DRAG-STAPO and herded into concentration camps where they’ll be forced into dresses and wigs, and taught to sing show-tunes in dirty nightclubs, all for the amusement of an army of Mexicans that Obama and Mark Zuckerberg have ILLEGALLY granted AMNESTY to.


That’s right. FACEBOOK doesn’t just like drag queens and LGBTs. It likes MEXICANS!

“The immigration advocacy group backed by Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg is hoping that the shake-up of the House Republican leadership presents new hope for reviving immigration reform legislation.”

Suck-erberg is pushing for AMNESTY because he knows an army of drag queens isn’t enough to rule the internet unless he also enlists the HARD LABOR of mexiCANS; not just gays and lesbi-CAN’Ts.

Once he gets in bed with all three of these POWERFUL THREATS, he can team up with the BUM-IN-CHIEF, O-BUMMER, and give them all Obamacare, thus creating a giant GAY ORGY OF COMMUNISM that AMERICAN PATRIOTS will be helpless to defend against.


Then, Suck-erberg and O-bummer will get gay married and rule as king and queen of the LESBIAN STATES OF COMMU-MERICA.

I can already see the headlines in the LAMESTREAM MEDIA…



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