Gaffe-o-matic and senile man who’s one Secret Service screw-up away from controlling AMERICA’S vast nuclear arsenal Joe Biden has finally admitted what ALL CONSERVATIVES already know.

Being Vice President and working with President Obama is awful. In fact, it’s a HUGE BITCH.

Biden was speaking to students at Harvard University’s Institute of Politics on Thursday, after wandering into the wrong room while looking for a vending machine.

When a questioner identified himself as the student body Vice President, Biden spoke his mind…

“Isn’t that a bitch?” he responded, all smiles. “I mean … excuse me. The vice president thing.”

Why is that Comrade Biden? Is it because you have to deal with O-BUMMER?


Biden then quickly added: “I’m joking, I’m joking, I’m joking. Best decision I ever made. I’m joking — that was a joke.”


Obviously Biden was trying to cover for his latest gaffe, but the damage to the COMMUNIST-IN-CHIEF’S reputation was already done.

It was the worst shot anybody has taken from “JACKA** JOE” since he ate too many beans and blew away the entire Bush Admnistration back in ’09.


A tragic day for the GOP…

But despite his heroic honesty, Biden is no hero. He’s just a simple, country man trying to walk around without a shirt and keep his Trans-Am clean.


But all of the COMMUNIST DEMANDS of his boss keep getting in the way. In a way, he’s a tragic figure. He’s realized now, only too late, what a bitch it is to live under a COMMUNIST PRESIDENT.


It’s too late for BIDEN. He, like the rest of us, will live out the rest of his miserable existence under the TYRANNY of OBAMA, cowering in the darkness. Cold. Alone. Hopeless.

Yes, Joe. IT IS A BITCH.


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