Forget about the price tag.

Because Southern Utah University isn’t selling out to progressives and communists anymore.

The Associated Press, America’s most socialist of press organizations, just left a smoking crater in liberal communes with this bombshell report on a courageous act by the school…

“Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid’s name…was removed from the front door of the school’s Outdoor Engagement Center in Cedar City, Utah, last week…”

That’s right, Democratic Senator and human-septic-shock Harry Reid will no longer be un-spiring students at Utah’s most… let’s say “prestigious” university.

And, first of all, I say “great!” Let’s scrub our institutions of higher learning clean of lib-scum like Reid and his Democrat progressive thugs.

As Investigative Journalist, purveyor of worlds, and frequent Bill O’Reilly truth-teller Jesse Watters recently discovered, America’s universities are bubbling, infected postules, filled with the puss of liberal bias. I’m sure we can find more names to remove.


But second of all, I’m outraged! Because how the HELL, did lib-scum like Harry Reid and his progressive thugs manage to get their names on our institutions of higher learning in the first place?…

“[Southern Utah University President Scott Wyatt] also said the school’s 2011 naming of the center in Reid’s honor generated no donations to it from the senator’s friends as had been hoped.”

Ah, yes! It was all about raising money.

Well, guess what Scott Wyatt. If you want to raise money for your university, maybe name something after somebody who’s got some rich friends.

Mitt Romney Learning Annex anyone?



“You see kids, 47 percent of you aren’t going to do anything but suck up all the air and tax cuts that rich people like me need in order to live forever. So go die.”

– Mitt Romney, giving the inspiring commencement speech at his own graduation from Liberty University (where he learned about liberty and why universal healthcare is communism)

But I digress. Because there are other important issues here…

“Wyatt acknowledged he was under pressure from a group of conservatives to remove […] Reid’s name […] but he insisted politics had nothing to do with his decision to do so… two local elected officials and others met with Wyatt and told him they had received $40,000 in pledges in five days toward erasing Reid’s name, Wyatt said Friday.”

Now, I can see how some lib-tards might say, “Oh, that’s just more of big money influencing politics.” Well, go hug a tree.


Because that’s not what this is at all. Wyatt wouldn’t take the money…

“…he would not accept it to remove Reid’s name from the center. Instead, he decided to strike Reid’s name because it created confusion about the center’s purpose because “nobody” associated the senator with the outdoors.”

Yes, he didn’t take the money. And, I don’t think it crossed his mind that some guys willing to pay $40,000 dollars to make a political statement might be beneficial to the university in the future.

Because I don’t think.


And also, yeah, associating Harry Reid with the OUTDOORS is like associating Barack Obama with being a COMPETENT PRESIDENT. I think if Harry Reid went out in the sun, he’d catch on fire.

That’s why I’m sure that Southern Utah University will soon christen the “Bear Grylls Outdoor Engagement Center,” as it’s the obvious choice for a replacement, given Scott Wyatt’s naming guidelines, plus the obvious, unwritten guideline of drinking your own piss.


Then maybe we can do some justice and immortalize Harry Reid’s “esteemed” name on the part of Southern Utah University where it belongs…




Hope you had Mexican for lunch libs, because it’s the Harry Reid Memorial (I wish) Port-O-John!!!

UPDATE 1:24 a.m.

“IndyGuy,” of the esteemed comments section has an even better idea than the “Harry Reid Memorial (I wish) Port-O-John”.

He writes,

“Beautiful….Now how’s about taking Harry up on the roof and dumping him from the building???”

Right on, Christian conservative. Right on…

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