It turns out the King couldn’t rule a representative democracy.

At least not with Obama as COMRADE-IN-CHIEF.

So he packed his bags and moved his $23 Billion dollar KINGdom to the GREAT WHITE NORTH…

It’s called an inversion.

As in: I got really drunk before I got behind the wheel and my car experienced an inversion.

I don’t know why the thing that happened with Burger King is called an inversion, and I have no desire to learn. What I do know is that moving Burger King to Canada is American.

American as sh*t. And here’s why…

” a recent report by KPMG found that total tax costs in Canada are about 46% lower than in the U.S.”

That’s right. Burger King isn’t just creating a king-sized artery-clogging conglomerate. It’s creating a king-sized tax-dodging conglomerate, too.

“With a new base in Canada, the Burger King merger quickly was lumped into the growing public outcry over tax inversions, which allow U.S. companies to lower their tax bills by reincorporating in a country with lower corporate tax rates through a merger with a foreign firm.”

Pardon my French, but boo hoo.


America has the HIGHEST JOB CREATOR TAX RATE ON EARTH, and, most likely in the universe, thanks to OBAMA’s SOCIALIST POLICY of RAISING IT beyond what even the richest companies can afford. As Fox News, so truthfully missiled it right up America’s lib-tarded a**

“[Burger King’s] choice to locate the newly created company’s corporate headquarters north of the border is the direct result of President Obama’s anti-business tax policies.”

As part of his master socialist agenda, Obama has willfully transformed America’s formerly freedom-based economy into a socialist paradise.

(Socialist Paradise)

How can American businesses be expected to compete in a global market when, since the glory days of Ronald Reagan, taxes on big businesses have skyrocketed from just 34% all the way up to a whopping 35% under Obama?

Yes, we looked into it and those are the numbers. Obama has raised corporate tax rates a whopping 1% in the last 25 years. Socialist much?

Burger King thinks so. Just listen to what their CEO said today

“”We are going to continue to pay U.S. taxes as we have been doing,” he said in a conference call with media after the deal’s announcement.”


“The deal was not about taxes, Schwartz said, noting that the corporate tax rate paid by Tim Hortons in Canada is in the mid-20s percentage-wise and Burger King’s “blended” tax rate it pays globally, including U.S. taxes, is also in the mid-20s. “So when we look at the combined company we don’t expect there to be meaningful lower or higher tax rates than we had before,” he said.”

Jesus Christ. Now Obama has found a way to replace Burger King’s CEO with a communist doppelgänger.

I give up. Let’s all just go have a Double Down and end it.


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