Conservative’s Guide To Pop-Culture: Top 10 Movie Villains Who Would Make A Better President Than Obama

10. Reverend Shaw Moore

Strong leader? Check. Religious values? Check. White guy with 18th century social views? Check. Welcome to the tea party.



9. Hitler

At least Hitler was honest about the fact that he hated Jews… unlike our current anti-Semite-in-chief.



8. Rowdy Burns

Which sounds more American? President Rowdy Burns? Or President Barack HUSSEIN Obama? Case closed.



7. President Skroob

He would be the first president to already have experience as a president. And he wouldn’t capitulate to the Eco-progressive leftists’ climate change agenda.



6. Hannibal Lecter

If he could translate his appetite for human flesh into an appetite for cutting government waste, he could be the most fiscally conservative president since Reagan.



5. Judge Smails

Like all presidents, he enjoys golf. And, like all good presidents, he’s a big supporter of the one-percent and has a strong pro-abstinence message.



4. Magneto

He’s playing chess, unlike our current, aimless president. Also his intolerance of people who are different from him indicates he would stand up to America’s gay mafia, it’s Muslims, and its Trayvons.



3. Bane

Sealing off the city of Gotham from the outside world showed his ability to secure the border and get tough on immigration. And his expedited court system would be a handy way to deal with the illegal migrant children already here.



2. The T-Rex From Jurassic Park

I don’t think Putin, Kim, Xi, or even the Islamic State would f*** with a T-Rex.



1. Darth Vader

Even though I’d be a little wary of another black president, his pro-religion views, his support for law enforcement, and his tough foreign/galactic policy make him a strong conservative candidate.

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