Sharknado: The Latest Climate Change Scare-Tactic of the Militant Left


A new threat to liberty has overtaken America’s airwaves. It’s a mile wide, a thousand feet tall, moves at 200 mph, and carries a swarm of rabid man-eating sharks.

Don’t believe me? Well check out this footage…

Still don’t believe me? Well, congratulations! You’re not an idiot.

Sharknado is a FAKE SCAM concocted by the MILITANT LEFTIST PROGRESSIVES like Al Gore and Mother Jones (just whose mother is she exactly?*) to convince us that our weather is changing and it’s all big businesses fault because they release millions of tons of carbon into the atmosphere.

That’s what they want you to believe. Nice try, but if my carbon footprint is so big, how come I haven’t used it to stomp on Al Gore’s throat?


Oh, right. Because science is bullshit. And so is the Sharknado. So the next time Al Roker tries to tell you there’s gonna be a swirling vortex of sharks in the sky today, just remember, he doesn’t know anything and neither do the left-wing shark huggers.

There’s a whole continent of ice. How can the Earth be warming?


Now let’s roll some coal and chop the fins off these motherf***ers!

Suck on that science b***h!

*Im guessing her son’s name isn’t Indiana*.

*and where is Father Jones?

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