Obama’s War On Babies


If you thought the White House’s “War on Women” was bad, well then, fasten your seatbelts, tie down any loose furniture, and send any kids that haven’t already been converted to Communism by Common Core to the other room. ‘Cause here comes a BOMBSHELL REPORT.

From America’s Socialist Moist Butt Wipe of Record, The NY Daily News…

“Security for the President’s motorcade prevented a pregnant woman in labor from crossing the street to a Los Angeles hospital on Wednesday afternoon, police and witnesses said.”

That’s right. Babies are literally not being born in L.A. unless Obama’s traffic-stapo allows it.

I guess that’s what you do when you can’t convince the Supreme Court to force women to use birth control provided by America’s craft-stores.


But, ever the Obama-ganda source, the NY Daily News claims the woman wasn’t in labor and never asked to be let by…

“A Los Angeles Police spokesman told the Daily News that a nurse who happened to be headed into work kept the woman cool, and she never asked the cops to halt the prez’s procession.

‘She didn’t tell officers she was in active labor,” Officer Jane Kim said. “After the motorcade passed, officers made sure she had a clear path to the hospital.'”

Well sorry to spoil the propaganda party Daily News, but true PATRIOTS aren’t buying it. While it’s a convenient story, a quick rearranging of the quote reveals what Officer Jane Kim really said before her quote entered your SPIN ZONE…

“‘She… was in active labor,” Officer Jane Kim said. “After the motorcade passed, officers made sure she… didn’t… had a clear path to the hospital.'”

Truth revealed. Mission Accomplished.


But there is a silver lining for REAL REPUBLICAN AMERICANS…

“‘I’m voting for the Republican next election …’ one frustrated driver tweeted, adding the hashtag #ObamaTraffic.”

One voter turned. All we need now is 4,967,508 more traffic jams and we can TAKE BACK the White House in 2016.

Oh, and we gotta keep them Mexicans out.

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