L.A. Priest accuses Obama of gang ties: “they were saying, ‘He’s one of us.’”


Well, I’ve been saying this for a long time, but now I finally have evidence to support it. President Obama is a gang-banger

“President Obama met privately with Father Gregory Boyle of Los Angeles’ Homeboy Industries and four former gang members Thursday…”

Privately? What’s he hiding? Why would they need to meet privately if they weren’t plotting to murder and rape innocent white people? Still not convinced? Well, here’s the good part…

“’He talked about how he had a similar background… he said he had gotten into trouble but was good at not getting caught,’ said Boyle in an interview…“The homies just loved him.”

Did you catch that? The lame-stream media didn’t. He had a “similar background“. By now any true PATRIOT is suspicious. But here’s the smoking gun…

“…they were saying, ‘He’s one of us.'”

Huh? What? Did you hear that sheeple? L.A. Thugs just admitted OBAMA IS ONE OF THEM. The secret is out!

Of course the lemmings in the MSM (mainstream media) will spin this like they do everything else. They’ll say he’s helping at-risk youth, trying to break a destructive cycle of poverty and violence, etc, BS, BS.

But now you know the truth. Don’t be fooled by the lib-spin.

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