Exclusive: Libs’ Terrifying New Weapon???

This terrifying image has just surfaced online…


It appears that President Obama’s lust for enslaving humanity and his wife’s desire to make people eat healthy have combined to create the ultimate weapon against freedom.

These images, which I can only assume came from classified Pentagon files, appear to show a massive wheeled vehicle, armed with a cannon that converts junk food into projectiles. Some sort of green (coincidence that’s the favorite color of Eco-terrorists?) monster is at the controls, no doubt the result of a failed Obama experiment to engineer half-man, half-vegetable hybrids.

The mutants will be coming for our guns soon!

And so it begins… Hot dogs, once our closest ally, have now become another instrument of tyranny for our Kenyan overlord, Barack HUSSEIN Obama, and his army of lettuce-people.

What’s next? A submarine that turns Double-Downs into torpedoes?

Stay tuned for updates.

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