Let me be blunt…


While Ukraine BURNS, Iraq descends into CHAOS, and Israel waits for America to GROW A PAIR and start NUKE-ing the Middle East, our TOKER-IN-CHIEF is flying high in Assholeville, USA (aka Washington, D.C.) with his “homies”…

Exhibit A: http://youtu.be/nsk08R0vtcY

According to the Liberal Rags

“In an episode of his online show “GGN: The Double G News Network” that just went live, Snoop Dogg claimed he smoked Mary Jane in a White House bathroom.”

And I’m sure that President O-Bummer-I-Can’t-Smoke-Cause-Of-My-Healthy-Wife had no idea that this was going on. I’m sure he had no interest in that hippie, socialist, good-time weed-party in the Executive Bathroom. And I’m sure he wasn’t puffing right along with Mr. Dogg. No, he was probably off eating carrot sticks and saying no to drugs.

Yeah, right! GET A LIFE LIB-TARDS!

It’s time for a real president who can get STREET RUFFIANS like Mr. Dogg out of our Founding Fathers’ house.

But it gets WORSE. Maybe the President didn’t smoke the weed… CAUSE HE SMOKES CRACK….

“Snoop… told Playboy he snorted Cocaine… from the president of the United States.”


We Must Impeach!

You know who else smoked weed?

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