Happy 4th: 4 Ways Obama Is Destroying America

Look, I love America. And like Republicans, I understand that if you love something enough, you have to do everything you can to hurt it while the guy you don’t like is in charge. That’s the good kind of destroying America.

But President Obama has been destroying America since at least 1996, and he’s not doing it in a good way.

1996 is when this happened.

Doesn’t pass the smell test.

So here are 4 ways Obama is destroying America that will hopefully haunt you with paralyzing fear as you celebrate the 4th of July.

1. Soccer: Back in my day, liking soccer was just a way for PATRIOTS to figure out who was in this country illegally. Now all of a sudden WHITES are watching this SHAM of an athletic competition. What’s next, all the blacks are going to start liking NASCAR? Don’t be surprised if that happens by OBAMA’s 5th term as El Presidente De Los Estados Unidos De Communistos. You know who wouldn’t stand for something like this? Reagan.

2. Rain: It’s raining on the 4th of July in much of the northeast. And, while that will be a good shower for the dirty liberal hippies that currently control the Senate, it also means a washout for FREEDOM celebrations in the BIRTHPLACE of FREEDOM. No, not the hospital where TED NUGENT was born. I’m talking about Philadelphia. It doesn’t take a degree in Creation Science to see that this is all part of Obama’s SCARE TACTICS to promote

3. Cupcakes: Michelle O has now decided that cupcakes aren’t American anymore: http://usfinancepost.com/schools-now-banning-birthday-cupcakes-for-michelle-obamas-nutrition-mandates-20699.html

What’s next Mrs. Dear Leader? Apple pie?

4. Zombies: This just in from the Favelas of Sacramento , California. The ZOMBIE INVASION has begun! http://sacramento.cbslocal.com/2014/06/16/stockton-man-says-he-was-zombie-after-swimming-in-stanislaus-county-reservoir/
Freedom loving PATRIOTS who merely enjoy exercising their CONSTITUTIONAL right to swim in highly polluted reservoirs are now once again in the crosshairs of the Obama welfare state. I always said the only way Obamacare works is if the government starts turning people into zombies so they have to go to “doctors” and get “healthcare” to “treat” it. Then in a couple months once everyone has purchased the high premium, high deductible zombie insurance, all of a sudden those reservoirs aren’t spawning the undead anymore and everyone is fine. Except they’re not fine. THEY HAVE GOVERNMENT INSURANCE!!!

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